Without your generosity and commitment to ensure quality education, we stand to lose the numerous programs, specialists and amenities that are funded by your charitable donations including, but not limited to: 


• Classroom and Playground Aides • Art Program & Supplies
• Music Program & Supplies • Physical Education Program & Supplies
• Reading Program & Support • Library Enrichment & Supplies
• Computer Lab & Media Specialist • Collaborative Classroom Furniture
• Assemblies • Classroom Supplies & Teacher Support
• Walkway Aides • Common Core Technology
• Sports Equipment • Community-Building Events
• Educational Subscriptions  


As a public school, we are provided with buildings, electricity, teachers and basic staff. We need your help to continue to offer these programs to our children and help foster the educational growth of every Bay Laurel student. Without your support, we do not have the funding to provide what we believe are necessities. Every donation makes a difference and is tax-deductible.

Help us reach 100% participation and receive the incentives listed below, based on the donation level made per child. All monies received are considered a nonrefundable, nontransferable donation to Bay Laurel. We are unable to refund any donations if your child does not complete the full school year at Bay Laurel for any reason.




$600 (Bronze) - One Bay Laurel car magnet per child 


$800 (Silver) - Birthday or ½ Birthday on BL Marquee and participation in an ‘All-Call’ with Principal Cortina (+ Bronze incentives) 


$1,000 (Gold) - Child’s name on a gold leaf on our Giving Tree (+ Bronze and Silver incentives) 


$1,500 (Platinum) - Pizza lunch with Principal Cortina, child’s name painted on an apple on our Giving Tree (+ Bronze and Silver incentives) 


$3,000 (Sapphire) - Special participation in a all-school assembly, BL Spirit Wear t-shirt (+ Bronze, Silver and Platinum incentives) 


$5,000 (Diamond) - Principal for the Day, reserved parking at Open House and Family Fun Day (+ Bronze, Silver, Platinum and Sapphire incentives) 


*Students who return their donation form by the end of school day on Friday, August 30th will receive a Homework Pass*


We deeply appreciate your support. Thank you for making Bay Laurel a special place! 

-Dawn Sue-Dare, PFA President 2019-20 (